The Olympus III Pavement Marking System provides an efficient method of applying 3M™ Stamark™ High-Performance pavement marking tape to road surfaces. The Olympus system is designed to be mounted on a contractor's flatbed truck for maximum productivity. Positive application and the cut-off is achieved by the specially designed, heavy-duty applicator. The applicator is controlled by a hydraulically articulated lift mechanism.

Two rolls of tape can be effectively handled for high productivity single lane tape application.


  • Designed for 3M™ Stamark™ High-Performance Tape.
  • Tape Width: Min 4" ; Max 10"

Olympus III onboard a truck


  • Weight: 3,000 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    • Retracted - 48" Length x 48" Width x 72" Height


  • The Olympus III System is a modular, high productivity attachment for applying pavement marking tape that can be installed on a standard flatbed truck. The system combines safety with productivity by bringing your operators off the road and reducing their exposure to live traffic.
  • High-Speed Manual Splicing Capability
  • Bolts to any sufficiently sized flatbed truck with minimal modification.
  • Robust fixed knife cutting mechanism.
  • Asphalt and concrete surface application.
  • Application speeds of one roll (120 yards) per minute, including splice time. (productive, long line operation).
  • Maximum recommended application speed, 5 mph.
  • Operates with a driver, and two operators on the truck bed.
  • Single rear axle flatbed truck with a payload greater than 6,000 lbs. is recommended

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