Discover What Straub Design Can Build with You

Give us a challenge. We’ll deliver the tape application system or web converting system that’s exactly what your business requires. Our engineers have created many custom solutions, from simple machines to complex systems. Contact or give us a call at 952-546-6686 to get started.

What Products Has Straub Design Created for the Packing Industry?

Straub Design continues to develop tape applications that streamline the packing process with dependable methods to keep your products secure. Some tape application products our engineers have created for the packing industry include:

  • Machines to apply pre printed tapes
  • Tape application systems for online and offline packaging
  • Corrugated folding cartons
  • Overnight envelopes

How Does an Automated Tape Applicator Impact Packing?

Overall, an automated tape application increases production rate because it is completed by a machine as compared to by hand, therefore packaging can be completed in a shorter time and with more accuracy. Ultimately, an automated tape applicator supports the packing process to be more efficient and reliable.