The LWPU powered level unwind is designed to unwind of pressure sensitive tear strip tapes for application to overnight envelopes or corrugated products when used with the Model T-626 or T-627 applicators. The tape applicator can be mounted over a moving product or conveyor or used on custom designed taping equipment.

LWPU tear tape options

LWPN tear tape unwind and applicator systems

  • Controls systems to start and stop the application of the tape
  • Tape low or tape out sensors
  • 220v AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Want more options? Contact Straub today to get started.

tear tape unwind specification

  • Tape Roll Diameter: 15" ODx6" high - 6" ID x 7" long core, larger units available
  • Level Wound Roll: ⅛" - ¼" wide level wound roll
  • Optional ¼" - 1" wide
  • Application Speeds: Up to 350' per minute

Tear Tape Product Notes:

- The tape cut-off creates a serrated cut-off for the tape. The tape gripper will leave some marks on the adhesive side of the tape approximately ½" (13mm) from the leading end of the tape.

- The powered unwind can be used with the model T-627 or T-626 applicator. The T-626 is shown at right. Both are available in either Right Hand or Left Hand

T-626 Tape application system

technical data sheet

View the Technical Data Sheet for more information.


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