Choose from a wide variety of machines for applying heat bond, flock tape and pressure sensitive tapes to extrusions, gaskets, body side moldings and other rubber and plastic components.

Automotive Tape Applicator Product Pages

WL-30 Heat Bond Tape Laminator
WL-50 Liner Pull Tab Applicator
TS-510-C Heat Bond Taping Machine
SD-400 Powered Unwind
Olympus III Pavement Marking System


If you're looking for a tape applicator for the Automotive industry you've come to the right place. Give us a challenge and we’ll deliver the tape application system or web converting system that’s exactly what your business requires. Our engineers have created many custom solutions, from simple machines to complex systems. Contact or give us a call at 952-546-6686 to get started.

What are some examples of Straub Design’s automotive tape applicator products?

We offer a wide range of tape applicators for automotive use and we are continuously discovering and creating new applications. A few common automotive products that the Straub Design engineers have developed are:

  • Machines that add tape between the glass and the frame
  • Heat-activated tape for rubber gaskets
  • Pressure-sensitive tape for side body molding

What are the common types of tape used in tape applicators for the automotive industry?

A few of the more common and effective types of tape used in the automotive industry include:

  • Acrylic foam tape
  • Heat-activated
  • Pressure-sensitive tape
  • VHB tape
  • Vibration reduction tape

What are the considerations when building a tape application system for applying tape to a vehicle?

The engineers at Straub Design understand the specific considerations and concerns when designing automotive tape applicators in order to create the most effective and innovative solution. For example, when creating tape application products for vehicles it must withstand the surface oils from stamping, tolerate microabrasions, and contour to the correct shape.