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At Straub Design, we understand automated tape applicators may not be top of mind for a lot of people. But we’re engineers, inventors and solution seekers and we love these things. We—and you—know exactly what a critical function engineered tape solutions perform in many industries, from automotive and packaging to solar.

If you’re here for a solution, an idea or help, you’ve come to the right place. Chances are good you’ll find the tape applicator you need. If you don’t, we’ll build one for you. Our engineers have created many custom solutions, from simple machines to complex systems, to meet unique business needs and exacting specifications. Give us a challenge. We’ll deliver the tape application system or web converting system that’s exactly what your business requires.

SD-4 Conveyor

SD-4 Conveyor on a Tabletop Cart

The Automated Conveyor System for Narrow-Width Products

"As our smaller tabletop version, the SD-4 Conveyor provides your company with an easy-to-manage system that can work with a variety of products. By mounting one or more of our standard tape applicators, it can apply multiple lanes of pressure sensitive tape at once. It automates your workload as a reliable and versatile conveyor."

- Paul Ebnet
President & CEO, Straub Design

Learn More About the SD-4

CF-18 Continuous Feeder

Tape Feeding System for the T-646I Tape Application Systems

"When paired with our T-646I tape application system, the CF-18 automates the feeding process for a more efficient and accurate system. The CF-18 is compatible with a wide variety of products and its ability to quickly change over to different sizes makes it a highly versatile attachment. As an economical solution, the CF-18 is valued among many of our T-646I customers."

- Paul Ebnet
President & CEO, Straub Design

Video demonstrating the CF-18 continuous feed print system

Popular Tape Application Systems

Some of our most popular systems are used to provide tape application solutions in a variety of industries. These systems are considered standard product lines for Straub Design, but it is not uncommon for us to modify existing systems to better fit an application or to provide further automation. Contact Straub Design today to see if one of these systems would be a good fit for your application.

T-646 Tape Application System for Print Industry

T-646 Transport Base
Available in 18", 30", 43" or 55" wide
Table Top Tape Application System

SD-6 Conveyor System for Building Materials

SD Conveying System
Available in 6", 8", 10", 12" wide
Floor Standing/Portable Tape Application System

SD-40 / SF-40 Tape Application System with Feeder

SD/SF Sheet Feeder & Conveying System
Available in 40", 50" or 60" wide
Automatic Tape Application System for Corrugated/Paperboard Blanks

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