Rapid Response Solutions

When you need a solution right now

Straub can help you with your most urgent needs. You can order a select group of high-demand products from us today and we’ll ship to you in 48 hours so you can keep your production lines up and running. Call or email us today for answers.

Call 952-546-6686 or send questions to inquires@straubdesign.com

Rapid Response products that can be shipped within 48 hours include:

*Available to ship within 48 hours using standard adhesive transfer tape application and with payment in full. Other tape applications will ship within 72 hours once we receive and test the alternate material depending on the application.


Give us a challenge. We’ll deliver the tape application system or web converting system that’s exactly what your business requires. Our engineers have created many custom solutions, from simple machines to complex systems. We enjoy building custom applications, give us a challenge. Contact or give us a call at 952-546-6686 to get started.