You can always count on Straub Design for solutions. If we don’t have the tape applicator equipment or system that solves your challenge, we’ll create one and custom manufacture it. Call us when you need one of our off-the-shelf solutions or let us know how we can help you.

When it comes to finding a solution for your manufacturing needs, Straub has the ability to solve not only tape application automation problems, but we can build a custom product that solves challenges that would have otherwise been handled manually.
When you need a solution, you often need it right now. We’re set up to respond fast. Check out our most popular in-stock tape applicators, application systems, and spare parts. We ship stock items to you within 48 hours. Contact us for custom parts, and instock parts
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Why should I choose Straub Design

At Straub Design, we did not aimlessly create our slogan, “Solutions that stick,” just to be clever, we developed the slogan as a testament to our innovation, one-on-one service, and dedication to our customers.

Straub Design provides customized designs and builds for your tape application needs through advanced experience and expertise in the field. From machines for a couple of hundred dollars to tape application systems worth millions of dollars, our in-stock, and customized tape applicator equipment and systems meet every project’s needs. We collaborate with our customers through attentive service and influence success through quick turnarounds.

At Straub Design, “Solutions that Stick” means to create tape application systems that last and support customer goals.

How does Straub Design determine the recommended solution?

In order to determine the proper solution, Straub Design follows a results-driven process to ensure each step is carefully and strategically accomplished.

First, Straub Design listens to the customer’s needs based on how they envision or want the application system to work. Second, the Straub Design team will carefully examine the machine or process. Third, our engineers will develop solutions for the application machine. And last, our team will collaborate with the customer to choose the best solution for your project’s needs.

Can Straub Design work from diagrams that are already made?

We value our expertise in the tape application field; therefore if a customer has an existing diagram, our team will examine the outline and compare it to our recommendations in order to create a solution. Depending on how or if our engineer’s solutions align with the diagram, our team may integrate it into the machine or start fresh.

Is Straub Design capable of completing an automated tape application system from start to finish?

We have the experts and resources available to design, engineer, and build automated tape application systems in-house. In some cases that require irregular services, we work with established and trusted partners which saves our customers time and money.

What industries does Straub Design work with?

Straub Design is not limited to a certain industry since our in-stock tape application systems are applicable to a wide range of machines. Furthermore, our custom tape application systems further advance how our services can benefit customers of a variety of businesses and industries.