Custom Design Solutions

We have tape solutions and systems for many applications. If you don’t see one for yours, reach out to us. Our engineers are among the most talented and creative in the business. We’ll design, fabricate, build and install the solution you need. Our custom manufacturing can include tape application automation, web and part handling, converting and other specialized applications.

Straub Custom Application Design Services

Do you have a unique tape application challenge? We've been able to solve some of the most complex tape applications for our clients. We work closely with you throughout the process by first understanding exactly what you need from your tape application equipment, designing a solution using sophisticated CAD software, and building a model for proof of concept.

Upon approval, we build your system to specification and thoroughly test it before it’s delivered. Our engineers provide on-site consulting and help your staff install and test the machine to ensure it works exactly as required with your equipment.

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We have worked with our clients on a variety of tape applications for products on retail display. We even came up with a solution to stick bottles on an adhesive strip to hang near registers at retail stores for one of our clients.

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Integrated System Development

When you need equipment—automatic assembly, automatic web converting systems, labeling systems and automated taping machines—call us. We have extensive experience developing and manufacturing equipment that fits seamlessly into your workflow. You can also specify vision inspection in single or multiple applications, as well as incorporate a variety of elements, including:

  • Electronic and mechanical assembly
  • Inspection
  • Measurement tasks
  • Parts counting, sorting and more

Look to Straub for integrated solutions ranging from ultrasonic welding to inspection, laser tape cutting, spring winding and automated parts handling.

What we do for the Packaging Industry

We build a variety of applications for the packaging industry and it is one of the biggest industries we build products for. We create systems that are designed to be easy to use and maximize line uptime. Speed is key when it comes to packaging. When you're doing high volume production it's important to understand the large scale conditions.

That's where Straub comes in. We create a product that works in different environments that won't fail in crucial times. If you have specific needs for your product in the packaging industry, our engineers will work with you step-by-step to create an application for your exact needs. We'll maximize efficiency and streamline your production. Our tape applicators are some of the best in the industry and we can create one that can be mounted over a moving part or added to a conveyor.

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What we design for the Automotive Industry?

When it comes to application systems for the automotive industry, Straub is your go-to. Our machines are designed to maximize return on investment and provide a custom solution for your exact tape application automotive needs. From applying heat bond, flock tape, or pressure sensitive tapes, we understand the auto industry.

If you're in need of help of finding a solution to a unique problem, Straub Design can design a solution that sticks. Contact us or visit our automotive page to see some of the tape applicator products we've already designed.

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How we help the Print Industry

Over the past few decades, the print industry has required products to be created and sent quicker than ever. In a world where speed and efficiency is crucial, Straub can help create a custom solution that works in any environment. We can provide a standalone tape application system or we can provide a tape applicator that can be mounted on your equipment.

If required, we can design a complete system to apply adhesive transfer tapes for sealing products and tear tapes. We've designed application systems for overnight envelopes, book boxes, and even specialty mailers.

If you're in need of such a system, please reach out to us at Straub Design. We'll work step-by-step with you to create exactly what your looking for.

Custom Design Applications