Food / Beverage

A wide variety of applicators for tamper-evident taping.


Find precision circuit board laminators that apply adhesive and flex circuits to rigidizers and applicators that apply special tapes like Kapton.

Traffic Safety

Apply reflective tapes for highway strips and highway barriers, cones and barrels.


We have applicators to apply various VHB and other foam-type tapes to materials for assembly, as well as apply protective tapes to finished surfaces on windows and doors, extrusions and other products to protect them from scratching.

Printing / Packaging

We can supply applicators that can be mounted on your equipment or the complete system to apply adhesive transfer tapes for sealing product and tear tapes for easy opening. Applications include overnight envelopes, book boxes and specialty mailers.


Choose from a wide variety of machines for applying heat bond, flock tape and pressure sensitive tapes to extrusions, gaskets, body side moldings and other rubber and plastic components.


Our applicators and systems can apply single or multiple lanes of tape in line and crosswise on glass and stainless steel solar panels. Tapes can be insulating, conductive and sealing like VHB or Butyl.

Tape Splicers

These products can provide a large boost to your production.


Versatile solution for applying different kinds of printed tape labels. Stand-alone or integrated.

Hand Tape Dispensers

Efficient and inexpensive way to dispense and cut different tapes.


Apply heat bond tabbing film to create a pull tab on tape liner.


These applicators use many different kinds of tapes, including films and filament tape, for sealing packages.


Use for applying to finished surfaces of many automotive and construction products that need to be protected until received by the end user.

Tear Strip

These applicators apply pressure sensitive tear strip tapes to envelopes or corrugated products. Applicators include powered unwinds for unwinding level-wound rolls.

VHB, Butyl, Foam Tapes, Double-Sided Tapes

Apply special tapes to a wide range of products. We supply applicators, unwinds and material handling to suit your needs. Many tapes are available with the liner removed.

Heat Bond–Heat Activated

Heat bond tapes are used for pressure-sensitive applications in the automotive, solar, packaging and medical industries. We can supply the applicators or include the material handling to provide a complete solution.


Insulating tapes used in the electronics and solar industries can be applied to a wide variety of products using our applicators and systems.


With applicators and tape application systems from Straub Design, you can apply single or multiple lanes of tape in line and crosswise on glass and stainless steel solar panels.