The packaging industry over the past few decades has shifted from shipping bulk packages to brick and mortar locations to shipping smaller packages for ecommerce directly to the customers. In a world where speed and efficiency is crucial, Straub Design can provide solutions that are tailored to your needs. We can provide either stand-alone tape application systems or systems that can be mounted on your existing equipment. Our tape applicators can apply a variety of double-sided, adhesive transfer tapes for sealing products and tear tapes/reinforcement tapes for opening the box or strengthening parts of it. We've designed tape application systems for a wide variety of boxes, packages and mailers. If you're in need of such a system please reach out to us at Straub Design. We'll work step-by-step with you to create exactly what you’re looking for.

We Build Custom Tape Application Systems to Solve Problems for the Packaging Industry

We have tape solutions and systems for many applications. If you don’t see one for yours, talk to us. Our engineers are among the most talented and creative in the business. We will design and build the solution you need. We can provide complete automation solutions including tape application, web and material handling, converting and other specialized applications.

SD-40/SF-40 Tape Application Video

T-626-1U High Speed Tape Applicator