The packaging industry over the past few decades requires products to be created and sent quicker than ever. In a world where speed and efficiency is crucial Straub can help create a custom solution that works in any environment. We can provide a tape application for both stand alone or can be mounted on your equipment. If required a compete system to apply adhesive transfer tapes for sealing products and tear tapes. We've designed application systems for overnight envelopes, book boxes and even specialty mailers. If you're in need of such a system please reach out to us at Straub Design. We'll work step-by-step with you to create exactly what your looking for.

We Build Custom Tape Applicators To Solve Problems For The Packaging Industry

We have tape solutions and systems for many applications. If you don’t see one for yours, talk to us. Our engineers are among the most talented and creative in the business. We’ll design, fabricate, build and install the solution you need. Our custom manufacturing can include tape application automation, web and part handling, converting and other specialized applications

SD 40 SF 40 Tape Application Video

T-626-1 High Speed Tape Applicator

Adhesive Tape Applications for the Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, one of the largest demands is for corrugated materials. At the rate the market and consumers are going, that demand is rising and becoming more complex. At Straub Design Company, we’ve been designing for the packaging industry since Day 1. Our main players are our T-627 and T-626 Tape Applicators along with our SF-40/SD-40 Automatic Taping System that applies a variety of tape at up to 350’/107m per minute.