Reflective Road Tape Application Equipment

Truck-mounted road tape application systems that increase safety and efficiency while applying reflective tape onto the road surface at up to 5 mph.

Reflective Sheeting Application Equipment

Increase consistency and efficiency when applying reflective sheeting onto highway barrier boards, cones, barrels/drums, and delineators.

We have designed and built systems both semi-automated and fully automated to apply reflective sheeting. Please contact us to discuss your application and needs and we can build the right system for you


We build all kinds of tape application systems. If you need a custom built applicator for reflective road tape and sheeting, give us a challenge. Our engineers have created many custom solutions, from simple machines to complex systems. Contact or give us a call at 952-546-6686 to get started.

What type of traffic safety tape application systems has Straub Design created?

There are many types of tape application systems needed in the traffic safety industry, which demonstrates the importance of maximizing the process for ultimate productivity. A few examples of the tape applicators Straub Design engineers have created include:

  • Truck-mounted pavement marking systems that apply road tape directly to the surface.
  • Semi- and fully-automated tape application systems for applying reflective sheeting
  • Reflecting tape application systems for signboards, barricade boards, delineators, etc.

Our engineers are always searching and uncovering new ways to increase the tape application process for traffic safety products and services to ensure each project is completed on-time.

What are the common types of tapes used in Tape Application Systems for the traffic safety industry?

The two most common types are reflective sheeting, such as for creating road signs, and reflective pavement markings, such as for creating street lines.