The Model DD-250 Dual Drum Flex Circuit Laminator is an innovation in flexible circuit lamination that has precise placement and consistency. Using one point of contact and evenly distributed controlled vacuum and air pressure, the DD-250 can accurately laminate flexible circuits to heat sinks without the risk of air bubbles or unintentional heat transfer.

Accurate Heat Sink Lamination for Many Industries

The DD-250 Dual Drum Flex Circuit Laminator is a versatile machine that accurately applies die-cut pressure-sensitive double-coated tape to heat sinks and PCBs. Because of the flexible utility of the machine, the DD-250 has applications across numerous industries, including:

A close-up look at the DD-250 Dual Drum Flex Circuit Laminator by Straub Design

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive

Adhesive/Tape Specifications

  • Tape: Die-cut pressure sensitive double coated tape
  • Flex Circuit Size:
    • Min.: 2” wide x 3½” long;
    • Max.: 17” wide x 10½” long depending on tooling pin location;
    • Larger sizes are available for special applications
  • Tape accuracy: ±.012”
  • Flex Circuit: Application Accuracy: ±.012” depending on product accuracy

Flex Board Laminator Machine Power Specifications & Options

Power Specifications

  • Electrical: 220V, 1Ph, 50/60 Hz,30A
  • Air: 80 PSI (550 kPa)
  • Size: 7½’ wide x 3’ deep x 4½’ high
  • Vacuum: Included in the machine
  • Machine Application Rate: 450” per minute

Options Available

  • Liner remover
  • Sensors to verify that the heat sink is located accurately prior to lamination

DD-250 Technical Data Sheet

View and download the DD-250 Technical Data Sheet for more information.

DD-250: An Innovation in Flexible PCB Lamination

With repeated accuracy and precision to meet the demands of industry, the DD-250 is the perfect adhesive laminating solution for your next project.

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