The Model DD-250 is designed to accurately laminate flexible circuits to heat sinks. Using this machine, the operator manually places the heat sink on a locating fixture and places the die-cut piece of tape on the vacuum applying drum. The tape and flex circuit are located on the vacuum drum by retractable pins.

The machine is then actuated and the tape is rolled onto the heat sink as it is traversed under the vacuum drum. After the liner of the tape is manually removed, the flex circuit is applied to the heat sink in a similar fashion. Upon completion of the cycle, the operator manually removes the assembly. Indicators on each drum provide for easy, accurate alignment of the drums. The air pressure controlled platen provides uniform lamination. Light curtain guarding provides safety for the operator.

DD-250 Circuit Laminator SPECIFICATIONS

DD-250 Dual Drum Flex Circuit Laminator

  • Tape: Die-cut pressure sensitive double coated tape
  • Flex Circuit Size:
    • Min.: 2” wide x 3½” long
    • Max.: 17” wide x 10½” long depending on tooling pin location
    • Larger sizes are available for special applications
  • Tape accuracy: ±.012”
  • Flex Circuit: Application Accuracy:±.012” depending on product accuracy

technical data sheet

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