The Model SD-6 6’ Conveyor is designed as a universal conveyor and control system to accommodate a variety of Straub Design tape applicators to apply pressure sensitive tapes. Straub Design has built many machines for the printing and packaging industry over the years and understand that precision and quality are key factors in the application building process.

Using the SD-6 Conveyor, one or more tape applicators can be mounted to the system to apply one or more lanes of tape to product at speeds up to 100’ per minute. To learn more contact Straub today or check out or data sheet below.

SD-6 Conveyor

Options for the SD-6 Conveyor

Tape applicators available:

  • T-653 Continuous Laminator, T-627, T-626, T-628 and SD-654.
  • Automatic Sheet Feeders
  • Wider and longer units available

SD-6 Portable Conveying system Specifications

  • Conveying speed: 0-100’ per minute
  • Size: 72” long x 26” wide x 64” high
  • Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Tape applicator mounting and product guides included.

SD-6 Power Specifications

Electrical: 120V, 1Ph, 50/60 Hz, 10A

technical data sheet

View the Technical Data Sheet for more information.


Give us a challenge. We’ll deliver the tape application system or web converting system that’s exactly what your business requires. Our engineers have created many custom solutions, from simple machines to complex systems. Contact Straub Design today if you're looking to build a SD-6 Conveyor System or a custom applicator for your industry. Contact or give us a call at 952-546-6686 to get started.