The Model HAG-100 Hand Applicator for glass and HAF-100 Hand Applicator for Frames are designed to apply VHB tape from ⅜" - 2” wide in an accurate and efficient method along the edge of a product.

Using these applicators the operator can manually guide the tape onto a glass panel or frame using a guide to reference the tape to the edge of the product. The tape is manually cut.

The HAG-100 is designed to apply tape directly to a glass or panel surface. The HAF-100 is designed to apply tape to a glazing frame when a metal lip is present. It allows tape to be applied in areas where there may be an obstruction just off the bonding area.

HAG-100 Hand Tape Applicator

product specifications for the HAG-100

  • Tape Roll Diameter: 14” OD on a 3” ID core
  • Tape Width: One standard applying roller and guide comes with the unit. Standard sizes are ⅜”, ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½”, 1¾”, 2”
  • Size: 7” wide x 12” high x 7½” wide
  • Weight: 3 lbs plus tape roll

Technical Data Sheet

View the Technical Data Sheet for more information.


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