The SD-650 Label Applicator Kit is designed as an option for many Straub Design tape applicators to permit the application of pre-printed label tape to flat surfaces. Tape strip labels can be applied continuously or label with gaps can be applied to each product as required. The applicator will automatically sense the registration mark on the roll of printed tape stock and apply the printed tape in reference to the mark. This tape applicator can be mounted over a moving product, conveyor or used on custom designed taping equipment moving the tape head.


Features for the sd-650 Label applicator

  • The Model SD-650 applies up to 2” wide preprinted label tape to a product, moving either the product or the tape applicator, which pulls the tape from the roll. Speed adjustable up to 200 fpm .

specifications for tape applicator machine

  • Cut accuracy +/- 1/16”
  • Minimum cut length 2”
  • Cut will be serrated
  • Kit can be mounted to either the T-626 or T627 tape applicator.
  • Weight 30 lbs. (includes applicator)
  • Maximum roll diameter 18”
  • Note: The product to be taped must be firmly driven under the tape applicator at all times. Alternatively, the product to be taped must be firmly secured while the taping head is driven over the product. For optimum performance on non-rigid products, it is recommended that the sum of the tape strip length and inset length be greater than 2” (50 mm).

Model sd-650 Machine & Power specifications

  • Electrical: 24v DC, 2A or 120v AC, 1A, 50/60Hz
  • Air: 60 PSIG (4.1 bar gauge) 0.4 SCFM (11.2 liters/min)

Technical Data Sheet

View the Technical Data Sheet for more information.


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