SD-4 Conveyor

The SD-4 Conveyor is an automated conveyor system that accommodates a variety of Straub Design pressure-sensitive tape applicators. The machine is a completely self-contained unit with a conveyor measuring 4” wide by 3’ long, making it an ideal tabletop solution for an assortment of narrow-width products.

Designed as a universal conveyor and HMI control system with a small footprint, the SD-4 provides improved efficiency to your tape application process while requiring little space for operating, transporting, and storing. Using the tabletop SD-4, tape applicators can be mounted to the automated conveyor system to apply single or multiple lanes of tape to products at speeds up to 100’ per minute (the addition of a dual tape applicator is necessary for multiple lanes).

The SD-4 Conveyor is the perfect option for manufacturers who want to apply tape to a high volume of small parts but do not require a highly automated process. Its portability makes the machine easy to move from one station to another for use across your operation.

Check out our data sheet below for additional specifications or contact Straub to discuss machine details and your application.

SD-4 Specifications

  • Conveying speed: 0-100’ per minute
  • Size: 40” long x 24” deep x 23” high
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Tape applicator mounting and product guides are included
  • Electrical: 120V, 1Ph, 50/60 Hz, 10A
  • Additional sizes including wider and longer units are available


The SD-4 can be modified to fit your application, or work with us to design and build a custom pressure-sensitive tape applicator that meets your specific requirements.

We are engineers, inventors, and solution seekers. From simple machines to complex systems, we develop automatic taping machines that solve your business challenges. Contact us or call 952-546-6686 to get started.

Industries Served

Food / Beverage

A wide variety of tape applicators for tamper evident taping to be used in the food and beverage industry.


Find precision circuit board laminators that apply adhesive and flex circuits to rigidizers and applicators that apply special tapes like Kapton.

Traffic Safety

Apply reflective tapes for highway strips and highway barriers, cones and barrels.


We can supply applicators that can be mounted on your equipment or the complete system to apply adhesive transfer tapes for sealing product and tear tapes for easy opening


Choose from a wide variety of machines for applying pressure sensitive tapes to extrusions, gaskets, body side moldings and other rubber and plastic components.

Building Materials

We have tape applicators to apply various tape materials to surfaces in the construction industry.


Our applicators and systems can apply single or multiple lanes of tape in line and crosswise on glass and stainless steel solar panels.