The T-628 Tape Applicator is designed to apply a wide variety of pressure-sensitive tape to flat surfaces. Tape strips can be applied continuously or short strips with gaps can be applied to each product as required. This tape applicator can be mounted over a moving product on a conveyor or used on custom-designed taping equipment moving the tape head across the product.

The Model T-628 is designed to run different types of tape and eliminate cutting of certain products when cutting the tape. During operation, the machine applies the tape, cuts it using a serrated knife, and then seals the tape down to the product.

Use this automatic tape applicator for packaging and food and beverage, electronics, traffic safety, solar, and conductive product applications requiring single or multiple lanes of tape.


T-628 Flat Surface TAPE APPLICATOR FeatureS

  • Powered pre-stripper to pull the tape from the roll minimizing the force on the product.
  • Edge folding device.
  • Liner rewind for double-coated tapes.
  • Control systems to start and stop the tape application.
  • Tape low sensors.
  • Tape fail sensors.
  • Control system with tape low switches to toggle between two heads when the tape roll runs low for non-stop running
  • Electrical Power: 24v DC, 2A or 115v AC, 1A, 50/60Hz
  • Air Power: 60 PSIG (4.1 bar gauge) 0.4 SCFM (11.2 liters/min)
  • NOTE: The product to be taped must be firmly driven under the taping head at all times. Alternatively, the product to be taped must be firmly secured while the taping head is driven over the product. For optimum performance on non-rigid products, it is recommended that the sum of the tape strip length and inset length be greater than 2” (50 mm). The product pulls the tape from the roll.

Check out our Technical Data Sheet, or contact Straub to discuss system capabilities specific to your production needs.


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