SD-610 Robot-Mounted Tape Applicator

Designed to handle the demands of precise tape placement, the SD-610 is an end-of-arm robotic tape application system. The lightweight tape applicator enhances productivity by removing manual application and cutting, instead relying on a robust robotic tool to automate the process.

Tape Applicator Machine and Power Specifications

  • The SD-610 Tape Applicator is intended to be mounted on a robot wrist joint
  • The recommended minimum robot size is 15kg but is not limited to depending on the application

Robotic Tape Application and Cutting Options

  • Available for 1/4" (6mm) and 1/2" (12mm) wide tape
    • Custom widths available upon request.
  • Multiple cutting methods available to fit your needs
  • Liner removal
  • 10" (254mm) tape roll diameter capacity for a more compact design
  • Remote unwind available for certain applications
SD-610 Robot-Mounted Tape Applicator