The SF-60/SD-60 Automatic Taping System automatically feeds and applies transfer tape with liner in place and tear strip tape to a corrugated or paperboard blank.

The automatic feeder feeds the blanks to a conveyor where one or more tapes are applied automatically at speeds up to 500 feet per minute (152.4 MPM), depending on the tape and the product. The product is then conveyed out of the machine for additional processing. Top loading of feeder permits loading while machine is operating.

optional features for the sd-60/sf-60 taping system

  • Multiple tape applicators to apply several lanes of tape in one pass
  • Dual taping heads with an automatic switching system for the transfer tape for continuous operation when one roll runs low
  • Downstream processing equipment including stackers and shingling conveyors
  • Variety of tape applicators including tear tape, adhesive transfer tape, magnetic and foams

tape system specifications for the sd-60/sf-60

  • Product Size: 12” (305mm) to 60” (1,524mm) wide; 12” (305mm) to 78” (1981mm) long
  • Product Thickness: 15 point (0.4mm minimum paperboard
  • Tape Roll Sizes: Tear Strip Tape-15” (381mm) OD x 7” (178mm) high, 6” (152mm) ID Core Transfer Tape-18” (457.2mm) OD, 3” (76.2mm) ID Core

Model sd-60/sf-60 machine specifications

  • Electrical: 240 VAC, 3PH, 60 Hz
  • Size: 16’ (4.88m) long x 5’ (1.52m) wide x 5.5’ (1.68m) high
  • Speed: Up to 500 (152.4 m) per minute

Technical Data Sheet

View for Technical Data Sheet for more information.

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