The SD-625 Pressure Sensitive Tape Pad Applicator is an economical method to automatically feed, cut and apply pressure sensitive tapes. Can be used as a manual machine, as shown. or mounted on an automatic machine without the base plate and pedestal.

SD-625 Pressure Sensitive Pad Applicator SD-625 Pressure Sensitive Tape Pad SPECIFICATIONS

  • Tape Widths: ¼” – 2”
  • Tape Lengths: For tape application ½” – 3”
  • Tape Roll Diameter: 18”
  • Core Diameter: 3”
  • Machine cycle time: Up to 75 per minute
  • Tape Placement Accuracy: + 1/16”
  • Tape Length Tolerance: + 1/16” depending upon the length and type of tape
  • Pad Travel: Pad travels to ½” below the bottom of the base plate
  • Ship Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Want to see what's available for custom options?

Technical Data Sheet

View the Technical Data Sheet for more options


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